Slowly but surely I think I’m catching on to this “git” stuff. I’m just glad that I’m not the only one that’s had issues figuring out the details of it. It’s actually really well written and quite simple for the most part, but the problems it solves just happen to be very complex in nature. I think that’s really where it becomes pretty difficult to follow. You have to follow that the developers wrote git with merge conflicts in mind, I guess. Other than that, the file tracking stuff is insanely helpful. The file tracking from multiple disparate remote locations is also incredibly awesome. Being able to recover from me mindlessly editing crap on one device and then totally forgetting and modifying further on another before I make a commit; that’s what really got me to start thinking about it. I’m also still getting used to the whole file tracking thing. You can arbitrarily remove tracking status or add tracking status to files, but that doesn’t necessarily imply the file will “disappear” everywhere you change the status (or delete the file).

It’s really cool stuff, I can definitely see how better collaboration results in better software. I like it, quite honestly. I like it a lot.