If you eerily stalk my blog in ways that definitely make me uncomfortable, you might’ve noticed a minor change in my totients post. In the last section of code starting on line 25, you might notice that line 27 is now highlighted yellow. That accentuation was always intended to be there. The problem was that I had done it incorrectly, because I didn’t understand the fucking directions.

I was using:

```lang {linenostart=25,hl_lines=27}
Blah blah blah
Blah Blah blah

What I didn’t realize was that hl_lines is independent of linenostart. What does that mean? That means if I want line 27 highlighted in the code, I don’t set hl_lines=27. I set, in this particular example, hl_lines=3.

God damn I feel stupid sometimes. RTFM, people. Read the fucking manual. Gawd.