I keep thinking about the current state of organized Christianity, and the more I think about it, the more disappointed I become. First and foremost; when exactly did Christianity become a grifting scheme? Originally, tithing was a sort of a tax you paid to the church to receive their services, as the earliest churches were not only places of worship but served as primitive “social workers” as well, houses of charity, and they were largely considered some of the first courts. It wouldn’t have been strange a thousand or so years ago for a priest to help two feuding individuals settle their differences as an objective third party. The church had a place in society, so not tithing was a considerable mistake in those days. It would’ve made you a social pariah and excluded you from services that were life saving at the time.

It seems like tithing now is a great way to buy private jets for greasy assholes. The United States fails miserably when it comes to enforcing The Johnson Amendment. A good reason for that is greasy slime-balls like Joel Osteen will “donate” considerable sums to politicians or “Super Political Action Committees” to ensure that politicians don’t take action against him or his affiliate grifters. We honestly need to tax churches, and the state of homelessness in the country is the best evidence. If even half of the billions of dollars being “donated” to churches in this country were actually spent on feeding and sheltering the homeless, we wouldn’t have the homelessness statistics that we do. It would be damn near close to solved, really. Sure, we’d still have the same homeless population, but the mortality and disease rates would decline drastically. That’s a pipe dream, though, as reporting requirements for churches are far more lax than those for actual charities. Gosh, I wonder why that is?

These MAGA assholes really are a diseased lot, and their very close ties to evangelical and baptist Christianity enrages me beyond comprehension. It’s time we solved the problem completely and enforced tax code, and on top of that we really need to begin taxing churches. We especially need to tax celebrity and other mega-churches. It’s required, people. We can solve so many social woes with this single act. We would reduce sex abuse from the church, as these leeches would finally know their place and be held accountable. There would no longer be any reason that damages for sexual misconduct would be capped at $30,000. That’s right, the Catholic Church has successfully lobbied for caps on damages when they’re sued for pedophile priests raping children. How absolutely fucked up is that? But’s it’s our fault, it’s entirely our fault. We allowed churches to become this powerful and we haven’t done enough to curb that power.

Folks, it’s time to start cutting heads off the hydra. It’s time to tax churches. Right fucking now.

Tax The Church