I keep seeing news dart across my phone of the GOP throwing a fit about the FBI raiding Trump’s syndicate headquarters. Listen, I’ll be honest with you- Even the best politicians are fucking lying criminals. A huge part of the problem is the culture of depravity orbiting the legal system, with far too many bar exam graduates contributing to how absolutely fucked up the government is. Yes, it starts with the sleazy piece of shit lawyers and works it’s way all the way up to congress and the white house. Especially the fucking supreme court. Total fucking clowns. Idiots who thump bibles and give zero shits about society at large. Fuck the supreme court. Fuck the GOP, too. They’re leeches, really. They draw district lines so that they can’t be ousted, then they take kickbacks to remove social safety nets and destroy the environment, and then they fucking retire to a board room where they rake in millions and put their kids through law school to perpetuate their trash nonsense. It’s a cult, and it’s time to deprogram the cult.