Isn’t that just wild? Mar-a-lago searched by FBI. Man. It looks like the hammer is finally coming down. It’s also not terribly surprising that you have a number of shit-heel ass-kissers “demanding to know why Trump’s house was searched” and blustering in their usual loud and irritating manner. Dude, go fuck yourself. Seriously. Quit trying to help your criminal pal cover shit up. Fucking absolute criminals in the GOP. Every last one. It’s pathetic that the “God and country” party is literally just a cadre of criminal associates.

I’m still pretty deep in disbelief that there are finally some moves made for applying the law with these absolute criminals. It’s wild to see the whole thing go down. I literally did not expect anyone to gather the balls to actually pull the trigger. But here we are. It’s just insane. I can’t wait to see what happens next.