It would be amazing if humans were conscious creatures earlier in life. Just imagine being capable of planning your life out ahead of you as an infant, pondering daily while you feed on a bottle and do fuck all else how you’re going to spend the next eighty years or so. What would you dream up if you had that sort of time and opportunity ahead of you? I would’ve tried to plan on being a Ph.D comp-sci graduate. I’m sure it would’ve fallen through miserably like every other education endeavor I’ve attempted, but still, maybe I’d have been less hesitant to shoot for it if I had the opportunity to think my way through it years in advance.

I dunno. It’s just a weird thought that’s been rolling around in my head. It seems to lend validation to the chaos that our life essentially is. The more you think about life and existence, the more you realize that there absolutely is not any sort of “grand scheme” or “plan” in place. Humanity is off any rails that might’ve existed, or could’ve existed, and we’re completely alone. There’s so much evidence all around us that we weren’t “created”. The entire notion of a “god” is a sad one, in all honesty. First and foremost because we’re not perfect, not even remotely. We’re dysfunctional at best. At worst, we’re just absolutely collapsing in on ourselves. The things we’re doing to the only ball of dirt we can lay claim to would make any other species in the galaxy shudder in disbelief. It’s fucking stupid, and nearly all the assholes striving to destroy the planet are only doing so because they have a moronic belief that “god” wouldn’t allow us to destroy the planet, and this “god” person will intervene before we actually finish the job. Fucking idiots. They’re more than happy to blow the Earth apart at the seams over some ignorant bullshit that has no evidence, but the moment you talk about reducing carbon emissions these fucking absolute bastard fools will tell you that “it’s liberalism affecting science”. Give me a fucking break, you goddamned slack-jawed, inbred, fool.

I dunno how to fix things. I’ve had kids in a world run by religious window-lickers.

Have I told you lately how stupid you are, religious people? You believe in an invisible sky wizard but can’t comprehend thermal observations and interpretation of thermal observation that tells us we’re impacting the climate with the industrial revolution? You’re fucking useless to humanity, religious people. You absolutely are useless, and I hope churches are taxed and you’re regarded as social pariahs, because I have yet to meet a deeply religious person who doesn’t piss me off completely. It’s totally ok for a dirty middle eastern man to feed ten thousand people with a couple loaves of bread and a fish, but when it comes to social welfare programs that keep real, actually alive people going- you’re willing to tell them to get fucked and “get a job”. God, you’re all cunts and assholes and trash, every single baptist and protestant. You really think your immoral and “holier than thou” bullshit would earn you any place in this “heaven” you believe in? Because I can assure you that no being of any reasonable intellect would create a paradise just for it to be occupied by awful cunts like you. You and your “build the border wall” trash rhetoric. You can go straight to hell, which, if I had to hedge my bets- would be the place that your “god” would send you in an instant if he were real.

I think most of us have learned the hard way that this “god” entity has the worst fucking fanbase in the history of our species.