Friday is freedom. Friday is cuddling on the couch with my fiance. Friday is the start of when I am actually alive, not the sad state we economic drones are in the rest of the time. Not pursuing our passions or, worse yet, if we’re pursuing our passions it’s to make someone else significantly more wealthy than we in some sordid “passion harvest farm”. Capitalism has an amazing way of draining the color and happiness out of life between the hours of eight in the morning Monday through until five in the evening on Friday. It’s really slavery if you think about it. Land ownership is slavery. Native Americans had no concept of land ownership, and they were the last free men. They could go where the wanted, hunt where they wanted, and live to pursue whatever passions they desired. And in the pursuits of those passions they simply hunted and crafted to improve their lives. They weren’t told they had to stay away from land because “someone else owns it”. They simply existed, and it was simple. Capitalism has given us a total lack of privacy, doom scrolling, trolling, severe emotional traumas, economic slavery, and pretty much has ruined everything invented during it’s reign.

The funniest part of this is that the assholes in charge aren’t happy, either. They take anti-depressants. They submerge themselves in vice. They do everything they can to escape the gnawing fact that they will die and the net balance of their life will have been a complete waste. Good job, you amassed a lot of land with your time, you don’t even get to live on it when you die. Congratulations for fucking nothing, I guess, bud. What did you create? Anything of value? No? Not surprising. Inspiration can’t come from this bullshit. Flames can’t ignite in a vacuum. Capitalism is near the end, and I fear for what is next, for it will be just as vile and contrived as the notion that we should just allow people to not contribute to societies that they benefit from.

But Friday is freedom. It marks the start of the only two days where we’re not dedicating our time directly to this bullshit. Only indirectly. We still consume on weekends, but our consumption feeds back into the bullshit system that oppresses us. It’s an infinite perpetuating cycle of misery and despair. So many people laud it despite not benefitting at all from it, and I honestly don’t get it. I benefit more than a lot of people who love capitalism. I guess they’re just stupid, to be honest. Stupid people are real, and they’re incredibly common. I’d count myself among them if I weren’t so fucking weird. It sometimes feel like I can pull my eyeballs out of my head and see the world differently than everyone else. I don’t think that’s necessarily intelligent, it’s just more of a strange party trick. It doesn’t have a ton of practical use.

Well, I guess I should get back to the task at hand. I’m kind of in a “hurry up and wait” pattern, because I have a task I need to complete but I require intervention from someone who can point me in the right direction for data I need. My project requires geometry data from a piece of equipment so that I can take that data and put it into another piece of equipment as a sort of clone. It’s not a direct clone, but it’s close enough that it should operate exactly as the original piece of equipment. But not if someone doesn’t tell me where the fuck it is so I can pull the data. Whatever. I guess I’ll dick around until I can get hold of the guy that’s supposed to help me. What the fuck else am I gonna do?