It’s finally getting to me. Six years of traveling for work and I’m ready to find a place and stay put for a while. It’s getting old, living out of suitcases and hotels. Shitty continental breakfasts, awful Wi-Fi, constant bad meals. And those are the perks. The worst of it is not being able to spend time with my loved ones. It’s getting old real fast, and I honestly don’t know what to do about it. I could get another job with another company, but I really doubt they’d be able to match the perks my company offers. It would take a lot for me to be able to afford “stepping down” when it comes to moving companies. I’m just tired of it. It was convenient when I didn’t want to be home, but now it’s just an awful burden looming large every Monday, wondering if they’re going to send me to some god forsaken shithole in the midwest.

Just arrived at the plant, and my engineer contact tells me to go contact a technician. So I look for the technician and he’s already gone for the day. Come back and my engineer contact vanished like a fart in the wind. You know, the guy who needs to give me a rundown of everything he needs done. The guy that has ultimately left me idling, wasting my time and his own time. It’s frustrating. I know they are away from friends and family even more than we are, but is that any reason to waste our time? I really don’t think so.

I miss my person a lot. I miss her cuddles and her laugh and just being with her on the couch. I miss the life we’ve put together and the home we’ve made. I miss her beautiful smile. I’m ready to just turn my goddamn car around and go home, to be honest.

Ugh. Well, my work laptop has a whole 23 minutes left of battery life (after being fully charged). It looks like I’m going to have to chop this post off here, whether I want to or not.