I’m not “becoming one with nature” any time soon, that’s for damn sure. The title is mostly clickbait, but I think I see it more as a joke than anything else. The reality is that you can’t get offensively drunk in a large group in public, at least not without risk of being hassled by “the man”, but you certainly can get offensively drunk in large groups in the woods! Nature don’t give a shit about your antics. I’m not saying bad things don’t happen in nature, I’m just saying they’re a different sort of bad thing than getting kicked out of an establishment for being loud and vulgar. Either way, I guess we’re going to smoke weed, drink, and float down a river this weekend. It should be fairly fun, and a good precursor to the “up north” bash that my love and I typically throw. It’s normally a family event, but we do drink a little and we smoke a little and there’s a lot of floating and parking boats on sand bars, you know, the good stuff.

Either way, the weekend is going to be spent in a tent down by the river. Got my battery backup. The only thing I need now will be a tent, some sundries, and a sleeping bag. It should be fun, but it’d be more fun if I could bring my love with me.