I put my order in, and it shipped. Awesome. If you check the Schiit website, you might see that a number of products they sell are on back order, and at the time of this writing the Freya S was listed on back order by about a month. This component is the piece I need to have a well-rounded stack, because I feel like my Vidar isn’t being “encouraged” enough by my Topping DX3 Pro+. It’s more of a source than a preamp, I feel. But the Freya, though. That thing is supposed to be a powerhouse, with the discrete Nexus gain stage. Apparently it’ll wrestle an extra 19dB out of your line in without distorting the hell out of it.

It’s arriving Saturday, and I’m freaking stoked. I feel like audio gear is the only thing I can invest in good quality equipment and actually see a return on that purchase. It’s something I’ll use every day, because it’s rigged directly to the TV. That’s right, we’re a “two remote” family, according to some Gen Z. Oh well though. A TV isn’t going to push the sound my stack can push. This stack is ready to party.

Inline I’ve got a pair of Klipsch bookshelf speakers connected to a Vidar (of which I might pick up a second for extra OOMPH), and right now that Vidar is fed directly by a Topping DX3 Pro+. It’s a great little unit, very nice sounding, adds bluetooth capability to my stack. Not just lame bluetooth, but LDAC. And AptX if you don’t care that much about quality, lmfao. But putting that Freya S inline should bump up the performance of this stack. I do eventually want to get a pair of loudspeakers and another Vidar and complete my stack with enough power to render infants and small animals deaf. But for now, one Vidar will do. But, as I already said, I’m fucking stoked.