Oh man. Holy shit. If you haven’t seen this I consider you to be incredibly lucky. When I stumbled upon this “Federal Postal Court” nonsense I really couldn’t figure out what the fuck I was reading. This shit is absolutely fucking bananas.

: Russell-Jay: Gould.

I just don’t know where to start with this loon. He claims he has some mystical understanding of grammar and syntax that is “universally understood” as “mathematically supported”. I honestly can’t type enough quotes to encapsulate these absolutely asinine claims. I just can’t even with this guy. This is easily the dumbest shit I’ve stumbled upon in a very long time. And he’s an actively seeking con-man, too. He’s currently bilking anyone dumb enough to give him money a few hundred dollars per “claim of the life”.

So, yeah, he’s actively scamming people out of money.

Apparently a large sized family could be bilked out of a grand or so by this jackass for some “sovereign citizen” lunacy. Yeah. No. This is 100% bullshit, and this guy just wants your money. He knows he’s full of shit and even he doesn’t buy his trash. Man, check out his youtube channel, too. It’s as psychotic as you expect it to be. In one video he makes overt threats to actual government for “harassing” his “sovereign citizens”. Because, he’s, you know- the most important Federal Postal Court Judge Court Court Officicant yadda yadda scam bullshit.

It just makes me sad to know that there are enough morons out there for him to scam that he’s actually likely living quite comfortably on dividends from his legion of morons.

These fucking crazies even have zoom meetings about their little “Federal Postal Court Proceedings”. It’s just absolute lunacy.

I mean, fucking seriously?