I’m sure churning the posts out, boy howdy. Treating this sumbitch like Facebook. Except this is way better than Facebook. I’m the master here, no one else. Nobody else gets to determine what I am and am not allowed to post here except for me. It’s very empowering and feels pretty awesome, and as long as you practice rational operational security you’re golden- Even if you piss off half the internet.

This site being statically generated, served via two servers, and behind a content delivery network- It’s not going anywhere any time soon. I’m pretty well anticipating 100% uptime, too. It’s kinda cool, actually, that any schmuck can have his own soap box to espouse whatever the fuck his disturbed little heart desires. MURRICA.

Except they fucked us on net neutrality. That’s the one way billionaires and corporations still get to fuck us in the butt without our consent. They can throttle our traffic in such a way that our soapboxes are greatly diminished. Thank that piece of absolute shit Ajit Pai. What a fucking waste of human skin. Absolute trash asshole, that guy. Honestly, when he dies I think everyone on the internet should take turns going on a pilgrimage to whatever cemetary he’s buried in just to take a steaming shit on his grave. That fucking twatwaffle doesn’t deserve much better. He honestly deserves to be thrown in prison and be buttfucked by a gang of dudes using lemon juice and sand for lubricant. Ajit Pai isn’t even good enough to deserve death, because death would offer him respite from the tortures he truly desires.

Feels good to be able to say that freely. God knows it won’t always be this way.

Ajit Pai is walking cancer