I’ve always felt as though I’m worth more than present day economics. I think we all feel that way at some point in our lives. I also feel as though most of us average folk are better than the lot we’ve been cast with this “work to make others rich” bullshit we’re forced to endure at present. Even small business owners are sadder slaves than the office drones. At least the office drone has one boss, maybe two or three. Every small business owner has multiple supervisors in the form of customers. Man, the customer is always a prick. Even if you’re doing the customer an enormous favor, it doesn’t matter. He’s going to try and get that favor completely free of charge, despite the fact that it doesn’t benefit you to do that work for free.

Lately I can’t shrug off the feeling that I’m wasting my life participating in this shit game. I can’t reason my way past this notion. I can’t escape it. Everything I touch, everything I see, everything I smell, my whole world is tinged with this idea that living on this planet could feel more meaningful without the shackles of a monetary system that benefits so little of humanity. Before you start babbling ignorant bullshit about crypto I’m going to stop you right here. Your shitcoin isn’t going to save anyone from being a wage-slave. Crypto isn’t a benefit to anyone any more than the Federal Reserve/Fiat trash system at present. Do you know why, crypto-bros? It’s because your “precious” decentralized fake money has been fully hijacked by hedge fund managers and bankers at large. Damn near 99% of the operating nodes are owned by people with more money than you, and not fellow “crypto-bros” either. What about billionaires exerting influence over the bitcoin organization? You really don’t think that’s a possibility? I’m here to tell your dumb ass that it’s been an issue since the group’s inception.

Another thing contributing to this feeling I’m having is that I’ve stopped nearly entirely having hobbies outside of work. I haven’t gamed with any regularity in a long time. I haven’t programmed my arduino in nearly as many years as I’ve owned it. I haven’t acquired any more arduino’s either. I’ve been utterly fascinated with the Raspberry Pi Pico W, but I haven’t made any plans on buying a few or implementing one in any projects. I’ve been eyefucking 3D printers like they’re going out of style but I haven’t actually pulled the trigger and bought one. I haven’t even obtained a cheap one to dick with. I’ve just stalled on all my hobbies, and it’s entirely my fault, and I don’t know why I’ve just dropped everything that’s kept me sane. I used to program things and tinker, I used to read tech memos and manuals like crazy. I used to be pretty prolific in my geekdom, as it’s how I ended up being an engineer in automation without a degree. Yet, here we are, and I don’t know why.

I think I’m going to pull the trigger and buy a Raspberry Pi Pico W, though. Maybe make a WiFi-enabled temperature sensor or something simple, or maybe just see what the options are for sensors. Honestly I think it’d be really awesome to see how far I can get interfacing a Raspberry Pi Pico W with a LVDT, maybe give it a few buttons to set gain and a configurable digital display. Maybe. We’ll see.