You’re probably not wondering; Who is James McGibney? And I know why you aren’t wondering. It’s because nobody really gives a shit anymore. He’s a random asshole who was cheated on and started a revenge porn website to get back at the ex who cheated on him. Ironically enough, after starting his revenge porn website he also started digging into random people’s personal lives and “exposing” all personal details he could obtain about them and using search engine optimization to ensure that his slam pages are the first result for any googling of these people’s names.

James McGibney is trash. He’s just a bully, like his dad, pretty much. He became his father and now he’s terrorizing anyone he can “justify” terrorizing, so much so that he was even dealt Anti-SLAPP sancitons. It was later reversed, but probably due to McGibney exploiting the legal system yet again with whatever influence he can muster. He’s a piece of shit with cash who abuses the legal system to shut down any criticism of him.

Come get me, you pussy ass bitch. I fucking dare you.

NOTE: Post pinning removed. I think this shithead has had enough time near the top of the pile.