As I learn more about how to use Go HTML Templates, Hugo, goldenmark, and the other underpinning technologies of this particular brand of static site generation, I find myself refining the overlaid structure while running out of actual material to feed to this thing. It’s starting to get to the point where I have to dig into really old subject matter that bothered me a lot years ago, rather than things that pertain to the here and now. It’s actually pretty annoying, but I get it. Like some sort of perverse nerd-flavored writer’s block.

It’s whatever. I’ll get through it, and figure out how to keep feeding this beast. It’s all good. Who knows, maybe someone will come along and practically drop content on my doorstep. Anything can happen.

Earlier this evening I took an edible handed to me by my woman’s uncle. I guess he got it from someone who hand-makes edibles. Those handmade edibles are always really dodgy. You could be getting a mega dose of THC, you could be getting a straight up sugary treat with little to no effect. It’s literally a crap shoot. I think it’s been long enough since I ate it that I should be feeling the effects almost in full, and to be honest, I don’t feel a lot. I don’t think they were that potent. The weird thing is, the guy who gave it to me is built like a brick shithouse. He’s huge. I can’t imagine he’d need less THC than me to catch a buzz. If anything he’d need like 1.75x the dose I would to feel something. But he took a way smaller half than I did. He gave me most of the edible, so I was really expecting to get blown out. Doesn’t seem to be the case, though. I think I feel a little bit of a buzz, but it isn’t that crazy.

Ah well. Better luck next time.