I figured I’d take a minute to offer my thoughts on Biden’s explanation of why he’s going to visit Saudi.

I appreciate that Biden seems to admit quickly that what happened to Jamal Khashoggi was really fucked up.

I released the intelligence community’s report on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, issued new sanctions, including on the Saudi Arabia’s Rapid Intervention Force involved in his killing, and issued 76 visa bans under a new rule barring entry into the United States for anyone found to be involved in harassing dissidents abroad. My administration has made clear that the United States will not tolerate extraterritorial threats and harassment against dissidents and activists by any government.

I would applaud the effort if it didn’t fall miserably short of having any impact whatsoever. The crown prince will still do whatever the fuck he wants, same as Putin. But what Biden is saying here is crystal clear: He’s kindling one alliance with a dictator in hopes of gaining an advantage over an adversary. It’s all diplomacy with no eye to either the Saudi people or human rights in general.

I’m sorry, Joe, but fuck Saudi Arabia- Fuck the crown prince, fuck their theocracy, their way of life, their government, and everything they hold dear. An oppressed nation is not a nation, it’s a very large mansion with millions of slaves. May the whole house burn down.

With respect to Iran, we reunited with allies and partners in Europe and around the world to reverse our isolation; now it is Iran that is isolated until it returns to the nuclear deal my predecessor abandoned with no plan for what might replace it.

Here we can see Joe’s complete lack of situational awareness. The Saudis don’t like us. They hate us just as much as Iran, but our money spends. We make them trillionaires with our disgusting consumption of their only viable product. Iran may as well be dead to us. They’re nearly as insular as North Korea. Picture if Evangelical Christians established the US as a Christian nation. No, I know what you’re thinking you dumb hillbilly: “But redlegion, the US is already a Christian nation.” No, you fucking moronic twat. I mean a Christian theocracy. I mean the constitution reads that you will be a Christian or you are not American. Only Christians participate in US politics. Imagine a US where ten year olds are forced to birth rape-babies planted by their perverse depraved fathers because abortion is illegal and women are “subordinate, lesser creatures in the eyes of god, and thus in the eyes of the law”. I don’t give a fuck what you say, that’s the most popular interpretation of the bible you hold so dear.

I think what upsets me most is that Donald Trump really is the embodiment of the beginning of the end of democracy. He wants to, and god forbid - will - usher in a dark era of religious oppression if he succeeds in 2024. Whether it requires a bullet or a lot of coordination, that must not happen. We cannot allow the Constitution to be ripped to shreds by these religious zealots. It is completely illegal for religious leaders to endorse candidates, it’s long overdue that we employ the death penalty as a deterrent for religious leaders from meddling in things they have no business meddling.