I was originally going to write with some sort of purpose or intent, but I decided against it last minute. Instead, I’m going to do my usual attention-deficit trouncing of rationality. Not that what I write is meaningless, but it’s always better if I don’t try to pretend I can stay on topic for longer than five minutes. I mean, comfort-wise, when writing. Not that the result is so much better. I’m sure cohesive text is always more pleasant to peruse than the jumbled spaghetti I end up throwing into the ether.

You probably aren’t able to tell by anything other than increased post frequency, but I’ve been working hard overhauling this web presence to a shape that I can maintain long term and I’m putting effort into data portability as well. I’ve figured out a good number of Hugo quirks and I think I’ve managed to work this thing into something I’m reasonably proud of dropping my brain into. Not that I’m particularly proud of the contents of my brain- This blog might be a golden receptacle for veritable waste. But that’s OK. I can live with that.

As I’ve been going through and reworking the skeleton of this blog into a form that’s more appropriate (and functional), I’ve had the opportunity to re-read my previous thoughts, to see where I’ve been and what I’ve done. It’s wild to be able to revisit my past like that, and that’s honestly why I blog. My attention span and ability to remember are weak at best, and having this written record helps me to grow as a person, and lately I’ve been a fan of personal growth. I mean, I’m not working miracles over here, but I’ve absolutely grown more self aware in the last few years. I’ve experienced loss, hardship, victory, and all manner of life events.

But I also know that the lens through which I can see my writing is vastly different than how everyone reads it. There are bits of information still lodged in the folds of my grey matter that lend nuance to my perception of this blog that aren’t available to everyone, and I can’t exactly shake my brain onto a piece of paper and photograph it.