I’m going to make this very clear from the outset: Google has every right to refuse to crawl/link to my content. It’s their choice as a company to decide what content is acceptable.

Google has decided that certain content is not appropriate for the masses.

That said, I do believe a government database should also exist that mirrors the functionality of Google, but by law is required to accept data from any US source. It should be searchable by citizens and should not be censored. In the very least, it’s likely the opposing databases would cover the gaps and produce a whole subset of internet search results.

The reality, though, is that we need some first amendment protections somewhere at least. We currently have a system set up that, if properly handled, would allow for anyone with thoughts in their mind to share them to eight billion people on the planet. What we really need is a return to Net Neutrality. We also need Internet Service Providers to be labeled appropriately as utility companies, regulated accordingly, and with Terms of Service that comply with these concepts.