I think I originally had a plan for this post, then jumped the shark shortly after I wrote the first sentence and subsequently hated it. It’s fine. Whatever. If I don’t get around to writing that out today I’ll bang it out eventually. God knows this thing never ends. It won’t stop, can’t stop, isn’t stopping for anything.

I’ve noticed that coming by actual good memes these days is really difficult. Your average meme-sharing platform is rife with awful opinions and sad excuses for comedy, and I’m having a hard time finding the good stuff. Reddit is a veritable wasteland of comedy with morality police shutting down even a minor whiff of laughter. 4chan looks really tired these days. Really, really tired. It’s nothing but “race war” instigation and pretty much every sort of debauchery you can imagine. Facebook was never good, and I’ll never use that pile of shit ever again. Telegram is basically just where actual 4chan nazis go to talk about how “(((they))) want to control society with vaccines” or other such similar nonsense. I guess I’m just out of touch with the meme scene. And don’t get me started on Instagram. If you suggest Instagram as a source of memes then you’re even more out of touch than I am.

Dunno. I finally have this fucking thing set up exactly how I’d like it and I’m finding more and more that I really don’t have anything to share. I mean, I guess there’s this, but what the hell even is this? It’s just a communication of state. It seems like 90% of the content on this thing in the last five years mostly equate to letting you know I’m not dead yet. What the hell even is that? I guess that’s what a blog can be. I do really want to do more with this space, though. I’d like to do more to an extent that it becomes worthwhile for me to invest in a bit of hardware for it. I doubt it’ll happen, but that’s certainly something I’d like.

Anyways, I have shit to do now. Boredom is over. Enjoy this non-post for the moment, I guess. At least until I can figure out something to share. Ha.