According to Reuters’ latest reportings, Judge David A. Faber has found distributors of opiate medications (Namely McKesson Corp, AmerisourceBergen, and Cardinal Health) not responsible for fueling the raging opioid epidemic in West Virginia.

Considering recent events involving the Sackler family, it makes one wonder if the drug distributors are just really good at obscuring their criminal behavior or if David A. Faber is going to retire really cushy on Pharmaceutical kickbacks. The recent judgement of David Faber really doesn’t give a lot of hope to Americans that justice is actually available to them.

It’s the strangest coincidence that David Faber attended Yale University, and recently Yale University made the decision to strike the Sackler name from all buildings. Purdue isn’t named in this suit Faber is handling, but it’s still interesting and makes me wonder if the “good old boys” agreement is coming into play somehow.