This post is in response to this retarded article.

The world’s third-largest maker of semiconductor wafers, Taiwan’s GlobalWafers, announced plans to build a $5 billion factory in the U.S. on Monday—but only if the government helps pay for it.

First of all- Fuck you. The government doesn’t have any money. All government money comes from TAXES paid by American consumers. We should have input on this sort of billionaire welfare. For instance- If we allow this bullshit, they should provide good union jobs as a result. If not, then fuck you, deal is off. Period.

“Unfortunately, CHIPS Act funding has moved more slowly than we expected, and we still don’t know when it will get done,” Intel spokesperson Will Moss told the Wall Street Journal, calling on Congress to act so Intel “can move forward at the speed and scale we have long envisioned for Ohio.”


Assholes. I hope you don’t get a fucking red cent, because it isn’t like any of this shit will actually benefit Americans. Suck my fucking ass, you ivy-league pieces of shit.