Right now I’m essentially babysitting just about the worst product my company has ever released. And, in all reality, it’s not a horrible idea. The idea behind the product is really pretty fantastic. In fact, the idea sells the product more so than the product sells itself. That’s really where the trouble comes in. The product is riddled with poor design choices and terrible implementations. It’s proof that no matter how good an idea is, good ideas on their own are not enough to drive the success of a product. The product has to be well designed, well supported, and well thought out. This product I’m working with? It’s none of those things. It’s scampering from one poor choice to the next in a cascade of blatant cash-grabs that billion dollar businesses want to purchase but we’re stuck supporting.

I’m so over it. It has to be the dumbest shit I’ve ever been involved with, and it goes to show that the “buzz word industry” is really making life harder for people. Some asshole sold C-suite executives on this awful idea and, them being the discerning folk they are, bought into it completely.

And not only work stress, the whole Roe v. Wade thing is really stressing me out, because I know it’s going to get the psychotic far right to start foaming at the mouth for the next few elections. I dunno. I think I’m going insane slowly. I need a vacation. Seems like I need a vacation more frequently these days.

I noticed today that this blog in particular has been my soapbox for over ten years now. I started in 2009 with WordPress, but quickly had to abandon ship with that because it used SQL for a backend, and SQL was easy for skids to take a huge shit all over. They could modify content as well as bring your website to its knees with the push of a button. I’m sure it’s better now, but I’ll never go back to WordPress. I’m a static site generator guy from here on out, and I quite like it that way. I totally missed my “blog birthday” by a handful of months, though. I’m not really shook up about it. This is cool, but it’s just a side project that allows me to blow off steam or share new or interesting ideas or thoughts. Or just dump emotions and drama, or to shitpost, or just whatever the hell I feel like doing, really. That’s the best part about this blog. So long as they don’t take the domain away from me, I’ll always have this space to say exactly whatever the fuck I feel like saying whenever I feel like saying it. It’s pretty freeing to not have Twitter, Facebook, Google, or anyone tell me what I can or cannot say. Fuck those shit-eaters.