I’ve decided that this post is worth pinning for a while. How long? To be determined.

I think these dickheads want some pro-choice Christmas Carols sung in front of their doorsteps.

Fuck these assholes


I’m not responsible if the addresses listed are incorrect. Shitty right-wing nutjob dickfaces tend to spread misinformation wherever they can. Plus, people who are awful dickheads like these SCOTUS pieces of shit, they tend to move because they rightfully attract a lot of negative attention. Fuck these fuckers.

Transcribed text:

Neil Gorsuch
5773 Lookout Ridge Drive
Boulder, CO

Brett Kavanaugh
3399 Shepherd St.
Chevy Chase, MD

Samuel A. Alito, Jr.
8 Westover Terrace
West Caldwell, NJ

Amy Coney Barrett
1133 N. Saint Peter St.
South Bend, IN

Clarence Thomas
6665 Rutledge Drive
Fairfax Station, VA

Another one I found on the internet: