![Flag of Amsterdam](/img/2022/Flag_of_Amsterdam.svg)

It might seriously be time to consider getting the fuck out of dodge. The evangelicals influencing American politics are managing to pull off more and more bold moves against rights and freedoms that we’ve enjoyed since the 70’s. We just recently got to enjoy marijuana legalization, as well as mushroom decriminalization. We also saw the legal smoking age bump up from 18 to 21, which is really fucking stupid. You can sign up to step on jihadi IED’s in Afghanistan at 18, but they don’t want you smoking for another three years. It’s fucking moronic.

The right-leaning religious loons scored themselves a hell of a victory having that piece of shit Uncle Tom motherfucker Clarence Thomas pen himself a concurring opinion. Hey Clarence- if you’re going to attack gay marriage, why don’t you overturn Loving v. Virginia as well? Fucking piece of trash. I hope you have a fucking heart attack. You’re garbage. Fucking useless asshole.

Man, the world today is a fucked up place. We’re fucking doomed. We need to fix this shit, ASAP.