In my lame-ass “attempt” to port my blog over to Gatsby, I had learned about something called “Shadowing” that Gatsby does in order to allow you to pull someone’s entire theme template from their github but preserve it in your directory structure while altering the theme’s interpretation in the static site generator. Basically, it allows you to customize how something looks without having to modify the thing directly. Very cool idea. Turns out that Hugo has a similar function, except in Hugo-land they call it “left-most wins”. Makes sense. Functionally behaves nearly exactly like Gatsby’s similar feature. I finally updated my blog to utilize this feature. That way I can continually maintain a one to one parity with the original theme while customizing the shit about the theme that I’d rather not have. On occasion I might have to “diff” the files I’m “shadowing” to the original theme, but I doubt it’ll be something I’ll have to worry about often.

In any case, I think I’ve found my flow. Hell yeah. Also, this 14" Macbook Pro is a badass development laptop. Fuck yeah.