It’s been a minute since I’ve pinged, so consider this my “ping”. I don’t know necessarily that I have anything of any importance to say, but I figured I’d should say something regardless of whether it’s important or not.

I can’t really think of anything of substance to really write about. I really just wanted to let the world know I’m still alive, even though my posting is becoming incredibly rare. I just don’t have that much time to update and post like I’d really prefer to. It’s crazy, too, because I have my laptop. I have a damn decent phone, even. There are so many avenues I could use to post regularly, but truly- The only reason I don’t is because I actually don’t have the time.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve had at least five great ideas for what to write about on this damn thing since the last time I wrote a post. It’s really frustrating, because it feels like I should’ve just dedicated the time to do it when the thought occurred to me instead of allowing it to pass me by. I guess it’s really a choice rather than a true limitation of time, but I don’t really know how to choose differently right now. Anyways. This is what you get. Sorry.