“Jada, lova ya, G. I. Jane 2. Can’t wait to see it.”

  • Chris Rock (pre-cancellation)

“Rejection sensitivity” is the stated cause of people with borderline personality disorder being incapable of accepting criticism of any sort. In effect, they’re reduced to the emotional capacity of toddlers. This means that any interaction involving any sentiment that could be perceived as or construed as negative will likely evoke a strong negative emotional response from those with BPD.

I’m not suggesting that Will Smith suffers BPD, or that Jada does. What I will say is that the current social climate paints emotional infancy as “the norm”. People at large are no longer able to tolerate anything but absolute positivity pointed at them, warranted or not. Likewise, people no longer benefit from criticism, constructive or not. Today I’m outlining a prediction that’s likely to have catastrophic echoing effects through time, impacting all of humanity in an eventual collapse. What’s my prediction? I predict that the number of people suffering from cluster disorders will skyrocket in the next hundred years. I feel as though the trend has already begun, but it’s hard to discern whether it’s a trend yet or simply the result of social factors such as mental health professionals being better equipped to diagnose cluster disorders.

One thing is for sure; It’s currently observable. Now, I won’t say that cluster disorders were never prevalent. But what I will say is that no generation has ever worn them like a badge of honor before Millennials or Gen Z.

“Words hurt, it’s okay to respond to words with violence.”

“Jokes aren’t funny if they’re in any way negatively aimed at people.”

“Feelings are more important that rationality or logic.”

By and large, I don’t give a fuck about your feelings. I’m not out to intentionally hurt people, but I understand that I will inevitably hurt the feelings of random people. I also understand that it’s not important for me to feel bad about it. I’m not saddled with that guilt. I frankly don’t care. The best part about this is that I’m not beholden to your random ass feelings- they have no bearing on my life whatsoever, unless I acquiesce and allow them to.

I have a select group of people close to me that I do care about their feelings. That’s enough for me. I don’t need any more. That said, I’m gonna laugh when a comedian makes a joke. Especially a joke that’s “not nice”. Human enmity doesn’t bother me. It’s a part of our culture. It’s ingrained in who we are. Denying it doesn’t make it go away, it simply foments the underground bile ducts of society that don’t come to light until it’s already too late.

I keep my watchful gaze pointed at the dredges of society. I monitor because I saw them win in 2016. Outside of all expectation, they took home a victory that changed our country permanently. I keep my ear to the ground because 2024 isn’t that far away, and if we don’t petition and call and do everything we can to prevent them- they will win again in 2024. The typical Democrat apathy isn’t going to beat them. It’s going to take actual civic participation, registered Democrats are going to have to step out of their comfort zone and take action.

Honestly, this is the sort of bullshit that I will always distance myself from. The realities of our country, our corporate law, and how we value Americans- These are all problematic things that dissuade many from engaging with government. It’s the reason I don’t really care. The things that concern me are rarely, if ever, discussed as talking points with any candidate.

It’s just interesting how mutlifaceted social ills can be.