The amount of time and effort I’ve invested in my home network, home entertainment, and computer equipment; It’s getting harder and harder to leave my safe little cocoon. I’ve put together a rock solid home network setup that rivals commercial deployments, thanks to Ubiquiti. The TV’s in the house are also all decent sized. The living room TV is no longer paired with the tinny, little awful speakers installed in the unit itself. Instead we get TV audio through SPDIF, fed from a Topping DX3 Pro+ into a Schit Vidar and pair of reference Klipsch speakers. My M1 Mac Mini pushes video to any screen via plex, connected to a 12TB powerhouse of an external drive. I have multiple raspberry pi devices connected, performing various tasks through the house as needed. There are two smart vacuums keeping the floors as pretty as possible. The house is fully nested. It’s smart. It’s comfortable. If anything, it makes leaving the house more difficult than it should be.


I love to travel, and yet I’ve created a conundrum where the word “staycation” actually sounds really fucking appealing. Fuck. #FirstWorldProblems