First of all, Anthony Strangis clearly has borderline personality disorder. Whether he’s been diagnosed or not, I can’t say. But after watching “Bad Vegan” and seeing the bullshit that that fat piece of shit wrote, it’s clear that he suffers from the very toxic and manipulative mental illness known as “Borderline Personality Disorder”. The way he would bounce Sarma up and down between insults and praises, bait and switch, this fat bastard was clearly not JUST a conman but also has a personality disorder.

Sarma really needs to educate herself on exactly what she went through, because she’s going to go through it again if she doesn’t familiarize herself with the very predatory nature of borderline personality disorder. She needs to educate herself. I hope she orders a personal protective order against that obese pile of lies.

The more I watch this documentary the more disgusted I am, and I hope that chunky pile of insanity gets involuntarily committed, because he’s absolutely not ready to re-enter society. He needs a fucking DBT workbook.

Point being: Anthony Strangis is a piece of shit.