I’m sitting here and watching this documentary, Bad Vegan, and I’m just utterly shocked at the immensely stupid bullshit I’m being exposed to. First and foremost: Anthony Strangis, aka Shane Fox, is a fat moronic piece of shit. Seriously. He’s a fucking fool beyond measure. He clearly has a cluster disorder, he’s basically a useless waste of fat. That’s right, you fat piece of shit, I hope you read this. You’re fucking worthless. You should kill yourself, Anthony. Fucking do it, you loser. You’re seriously dumb, you fat idiot. I can’t fucking believe all this bullshit you’ve said. “In the box”. “Immortality”. You can seriously go fuck yourself.

I honestly don’t know what’s worse- This fat piece of shit Strangis or the fact that this blonde ditz bought his idiotic bullshit. Holy. Fucking. Hell.

Hey fat boy. You look good in stripes. Fat moron. Useless fat idiotic piece of shit. You look more like you’re pushing 350, you sweaty pig.

Fatass Retard