I know I’m really bad for claiming I’m going to do things and then not following through with actually creating the content and posting it up here. This goddamn blog has been around since 2007 in various forms, and 90% of the shit I write winds up being broken promises. I realize this. I get it. But this time I’m going to make a claim and I’m going to do what I need to in order to back it up, because I feel pretty strongly about it.

It’s my intention to gather sources and information in order to compile a blog post about Kym Worthy and why she should not only be barred from government office, but probably investigated and subsequently prosecuted.

Before I had even seen the Rick Wershe Jr. documentary I had known that government officials in Detroit history have had an incredibly shady history. Even my grandfather told me about his dad, who worked as a Detroit cop, and was apparently himself part of some really shady dealings. My grandfather referred to them as the “Detroit Five”. I’ve only seen bits and pieces that reference that name, I as yet can’t figure out what exactly happened. It’s likely unrelated to Kym Worthy, but it does illustrate Detroit’s storied history of official corruption.

In any case, this is my intent. I might not deliver quickly. It might not even happen at all. I’m not making any promises, here. But hopefully I’ll be able to put some time aside to start digging into this topic.