Kanye West has lost his goddamn mind. He really thinks Pete Davidson wants to be his kids’ new daddy? Fucking really? This guy has absolutely gone off the deep end. He has absolutely lost his mind. Kanye must have zero experience with divorce. Not only that, but this dumb motherfucker is blaming Pete for wooing Kim when the only person who fucked Kanye over was Kanye. Dumb son of a bitch couldn’t keep Kim happy and is blaming everyone BUT HIMSELF for the situation. GROW UP, KANYE. You whiny little millionaire bitch. No one feels bad for you. Everyone wants you to shut the fuck up and grow a pair of testicles. Holy freaking crap it’s annoying. And I’ll say the exact same shit to any man going through a divorce who was the sole reason they’re going through said divorce, because they need to hear it. Otherwise they’re just going to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Kanye is going to repeat the same mistakes over and over again because he’s paying his friend circle to kiss his ass, he’s not paying them to be real with him.

God I hate celebrities. They’re like normal humans, but worse. Fuck.