Brace yourselves for more stream-of-consciousness writing, because god dammit that’s the rabbit hole we’re going to continue going down.

I know I keep saying that one of these days I’m going to write a well thought out piece about something technical in order to contribute to society in some meaningful way, but I think that’s going to have to sit on the backburner until I can get over a few humps at work. Mainly, I’ve been on a large project for a long time now and I need it to be over. I need to get this insane volume of work complete before I can sit down and organize something worthwhile for you guys to read.

In the meantime you can look forward to sparse stream-of-consciousness crap that is easy to bang out and basically alerts you to the fact that I’m not dead yet.

In all reality, the secondary reason that I can’t really get my shit together to generate a good post is because I’m having fun. I’m out here living my best life with people I love, going to fun places I’ve never been to, and doing things I’ve never done before. Don’t feel bad for me that I’m having this dilemma, it’s not all from a bad place. Once work calms down and I get a little bored, I’ll sit down a frame up a great idea for a technical post that I think the world might benefit from.