I really didn’t have high hopes for Joe Biden when he was elected president. I honestly thought we’d be seeing more of the same neoliberal corporate lobby bullshit that both the Democrats and Republicans have been hawking for the last fifty years. The “trickle down” bullshit. The ass-kissing of the most wealthy Americans. It’s almost pathological how much impoverished Americans kiss the ass of the wealthiest. Few people truly realize that “The American Dream” was a lie sold to impoverished immigrants in order to lure cheap labor to the states. Through a rather rigorous propaganda campaign stretching through decades and generations, this lie has persisted to present day, and it truly is the forebear of MAGA in every way imaginable.

Joe is proving me wrong about him. Joe is rather vocal about two things these days. First and foremost, his “Build Back Better” campaign to strengthen US infrastructure and help us remain the superpower, if not at least a superpower. It’s really important, and it further illustrates that Republicans don’t actually give a fuck about business. Truly, business utilizes public infrastructure to an extreme degree. It’s what enables business to operate as smoothly as possible. Of course, businesses are comprised of many individuals, and we all know that groups of people are downright stupid. Thus, every business is basically stupid, and doesn’t want to pay for the infrastructure that enables them to continue doing business. Fucking morons.

Biden also appears to be really bent on raising taxes on the rich to pay for this bill. That’s amazing, and I truly applaud him on this. I’m a huge advocate for taxing the rich as well as taxing corporations, because these assholes haven’t been contributing as they should. The middle class could’ve had tax breaks year after year if corporations and rich assholes weren’t constantly dodging paying taxes. The wealthiest Americans are the ones destroying the middle class solely because it benefits them financially, and they’d rather spend money on propaganda saying otherwise than just fucking pony up like they’re supposed to. Dickheads.

Lastly, Joe seems to sincerely care about social struggles for individuals who have it harder than most. It’s endearing no matter if it’s practical or not.

I really was very critical of Joe at the start, but he’s changing my mind the more he speaks and does.