It seems like we’re devolving again. It’s crazy to think that at some point we perceived ourselves to be quite close to becoming a space-faring species, at home amongst the stars. That imaginary society is so far removed from every society that thinks it’s important to regulate people’s genitals and bedroom activities. It’s all just so stupid, and the more you zoom out the dumber it gets. Billionaires are jockeyed into space on giant dicks that they could only afford because they don’t pay living wages or reasonable benefits or even taxes. Southern evangelical Christians feel as though worshipping a rich man is more important than the homeless guy who kicked over merchant and money changer tables at temple. Everything about conservatives is trash these days, but they have no introspective. They have no ability to analyze how garbage they are, and they’re incredibly effective at ignoring facts and information that they don’t like. It wouldn’t be as much of a problem if the left didn’t follow suit. Now we have a massive divide between two absolutely inane groups that have zero self-awareness. The world is going to be consumed by this before it collapses. We as a people have wholly lost our way. You can’t discuss this with anyone because they’ve probably aligned themselves with some hyperbolic side already. You have conservatives defending klansmen and liberals championing body mutilation and mental illness as “the new normal”. Both sides are hyperbolic psychopaths but finding people in the center is becoming more and more difficult. We get no reprieve from the cadent spiral into oblivion.

It’s unfortunate.