So You’re Dating a Nurse

You’ve met someone, you’re dating, and you feel like you’ve found an incredibly intelligent and compassionate person to share your life with. You’d be completely correct, but if you aren’t sure of what exactly this entails, please do read on.

Tis But a Scratch

Tis but a scratch

You may not realize it yet, but you’ll soon learn that you’re being a gigantic baby. Stomach ache? Headache? Feeling some kind of way? Walk it off, you’re fine. You’ll soon learn that the threshold for “I’m dying” is further out than you could’ve imagined. Your nurse knows, and she’s not going to be shy about sharing it with you. After all, “tis but a scratch”.

Don’t You Try and Tell Me

You might be a smart guy. You might have a rather detailed job, where there are responsibilities you tend to that might weigh heavy on whatever group or organization you work with. Then, there’s healthcare. Not only does it entail life and death, it also entails quality of life and longevity. To say that the stakes are high isn’t crediting healthcare professionals enough. They know this. It’s part of the day to day routine, whether they’re working in post-op care or a private practice. Whatever it is you think you know about the science of health and wellness, you’re better off keeping it to yourself. If I have to tell you this, you probably weren’t very good at keeping your healthcare employed significant other roped in.

She Cares

Apparently it’s not uncommon for someone to get accepted into an accredited nursing program, graduate, become employed, and then decide after a handful of years that it’s time to choose a different endeavor. No matter what the stated motivation for this is, it quickly becomes apparent that you have to care a lot in order to succeed in such fields. And you’ll notice it in yours, too. She cares. A lot.

I have a lot more to say, and I plan on gathering a lifetime of anecdotes. I love my nurse.