For anyone who has been hiding under a rock for the last couple months, I’ll bring you up to speed. Andrew Lee is a spoiled little bitch who “bought” the once-venerable IRC network freenode. This little fuckstick initially claimed he was only orbiting to support free software causes, but as he put money into freenode began continually demanding more say in how freenode was operated. Ultimately he drove away the staff that makes freenode what it is, and they formed a new network at Libera.

I recently went on vacation, didn’t really check IRC or happenings on the internet. When I got home I was greeted by this little gem:

Fuck Andrew Lee, he’s a useless cunt

Yep. This little bitch blocked irccloud access. Why? Because he’s trying to peddle his own worthless trash and reinvent the wheel, as well as erode FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

Andrew Lee, you’re a fucking worthless rich bitch spoiled brat piece of trash. Fuck you. Fuck everything about you, you little whiny bitch. I encourage everyone to harass this turd on freenode, twitter, and everywhere he can be reached.

His handle on freenode is rasengan. Harass this shitface. Do it now. It’s your duty as a patriotic american.