Looks like Trump is “tweeting” again, except this time sending short bursts of messages to his shitty personal blog. It’s funny to see a former president be reduced to the level of your average joe blogger. I guess that’s really the privilege we’re looking for. Everyone wants to be able to host their own soap box, and everyone should have that right. Including Facebook, Twitter, etc. They should be able to moderate the content on their platform, just as Donnie can moderate his shitty personal blog. We do, however, badly need net neutrality reinstated. It’s the second Monday of the week, and I’m already sick of it. I think I need to focus less on weekends, because it seems like it always takes forever to get to the weekend and every weekend flies by in the blink of an eye. It’s pretty goddamned frustrating. I’m getting so burnt out, though, with all this COVID crap and taking so few breaks from work. I’m ready to take a month off and just relax. I really need to deliver on that promised “tech-related” blog post soon. Truthfully I think I could really deliver a useful service to the community by writing as decent a Wireguard primer as I possibly can. It’s truly an awesome bit of software and incredibly useful for so many reasons. Having become relatively capable with rolling it out means I at least have some way to give back. It’ll also be nice to foster expanding the Wireguard community. Anyways, I suppose I should get back to my immense pile of bullshit that I have to do.