Holy balls, what a bunch of weeks. Time just slips by and I just about can’t account for where it went.

My shitty landlord did me a favor, though. The morons who live above me yet again had an “issue” which caused torrential flooding of my unit. Subsequently, the morons at Hartman-Tyner Village Squire maintenance neglected to check my unit or notify me in any way that the unit above mine had a serious flooding incident. I came home one day and a cold chill yeeted up my spine as every foot-fall yield a cacaphony of “sploosh” sounds. Of course, the jackasses didn’t do much more than tear the old carpet up and put floor fans down to “dry out” the absolute clusterfuck. That was really all I needed to advance my move-out date by a month or two.

These morons had the audacity to use their maintenance goons to spy on me, which is absolutely evident in the “addendum” letters I’ve received multiple times on “marijuana consumption – even medical – is prohibited on Village Squire property”. Fuck these idiots, seriously. This is probably the worst apartment situation a person can find themselves in. The managers are morons, maintenance is chock full of morons, and I have yet to find any staffers at this place to redeem the company in any way. It’s trash.

In any case, I’m going to be moving all my home infrastructure a couple times this year. My girlfriend and I are pursuing new digs together, so even after I’ve yanked everything I care about from this place, I won’t be fully settled in until we’ve landed in our permanent residence. Honestly, waking up next to her is what I need to put up with this bullshit exit process. I’m really fucking glad I didn’t sign another lease with these complete shitheads.

So, yeah, a bit of internet advice for you: If you’re looking for an affordable place to call home in southeast Michigan, avoid Village Squire apartments and literally every residence managed by Hartman-Tyner. Save yourself the headache. There’s a reason all their properties have shit reviews on Google maps.

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Hartman-Tyner Intranet (LOL!)Good job, guys.

Surprise! Not BBB accredited.

Just look at all these negative reviews. Smh.

Yeah, fuck these people.