It feels like 80% of my existence revolves around my job. I realize that’s not true. I understand that a lot of my simple day-to-day activities are basically just self-care and necessary duties for myself and my offspring. I dunno. Things just feel very “pinned down”. I haven’t worked remotely much. I haven’t been furloughed. I haven’t skipped a beat. Yet all this forward career momentum is incredibly abrasive without all the niceties I enjoyed pre-COVID. It’s incredibly difficult. I just want to be able to go to my local bar and do a trivia night with my girlfriend. I just want to take her to a movie and to dinner. I want to take my kids to waterparks. I want to be human again, and not a burnt-out cog. Maybe I just complain too much. I dunno. I guess I should get back to work.