Two more days. Just two more days and I’ll be with my favorite person sipping weird fruity drinks ocean-side in a beautiful resort. Holy freaking crap. I need this week so badly to blow off steam and just regain some of that sanity I’ve lost over the last five years of doing this crazy job. I literally cannot wait.

Also, I’m thinking that I might, at some point, invest in getting myself a macbook pro. I don’t think I’m going to go nuts immediately obtaining one, but I think that it’s absolutely the first place contender for my next acquisition. The efficiency of the M1 processor is just amazing. Lower TDP and higher output, and it’s no longer reliant on the very stale x86 compatible instruction set. Super freaking awesome. I’m not even an Apple fan in the slightest, but I’m a fan of any device with even a modest amount of innovation built-in. That definitely applies here. Though I admit I have zero interest in that stupid secondary screen-bar on the keyboard. It strikes me as a waste of keyboard space. I suppose I’ll make some concsessions to try and vote with my wallet and push the market in the direction I believe it should go.

In any case, I just need to bust my ass for two more days, and then it’s five days of rest and relaxation. Well, that, and crazy partying. I cannot wait, goddammit.