Holy shit. I literally cannot wait. In four days I’ll be heading to Cancun with my woman, and we’re going to have an amazing time. I’m so damned excited and I can’t freaking wait. Holy goddamn.

Also, I’m exhausted. Between work, co-parenting, and just living in general, I’m having a hard time keeping up appearances. I’m not superman. I don’t have invulnerability or even infinite patience. I’m an average person with limitations like every other person. Mine seem to be reached and breached with a number of people right now. I can’t control what other people, I can only control what I do, so I’ll continue to control how I react to things. But at the end of the day, I’m going to protect myself and the people I love.

Alright, enough stupid-ass vaguebooking. I need to go the fuck to sleep. I’m exhausted in every goddamn way.