I’ve been working through creating my own installation of NextCloud to synchronize my data across a number of devices, and so far I think the installation has been a resounding success. It’s currently running, believe it or not, on a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB of RAM. I would love to detail out how me, a rube, got this crap working. I’m not sure how much of an opportunity I’ll get to do that, though. Work is picking up with a serious ferocity and my spare time is incredibly limited.

I bought a second Raspberry Pi 4 that has 8GB of RAM and installed Ubuntu 20.10 arm64 on it. I’m quickly learning that Ubuntu 20.10 doesn’t have a whole heap of support for the arm64 architecture, and a number of somewhat important packages aren’t available as binaries as a result. It’s fine, I can compile what I need, but it’s going to take extra time and effort. I suppose if I finally buckle down and give it a static MAC <-> IP assignment and configure sshd I can get it done wherever I am. It’s how I’ve done every rollout so far.

I’m also watching government activity with renewed interest. Marjorie Trailer Greene seems to have more support than she should, and it’s clear that there’s a power struggle brewing internally with the GOP. They are a badly fractured, broken party, and it’s causing a whole hell of a ton of problems for the average Joe. The battle now seems to be the anti-intellectualists like Marjorie Trailer Greene versus the old school euphemistic GOP we’ve all come to know and hate. If there’s one thing I refuse to abide; it’s anti-intellectualism. Trump was the grand master of anti-intellectualism and his reign was simply proof that the anti-intellectualist movement has gained momentum.

Work is quickly becoming all-engrossing, all-encompassing, all-consuming. I think all my energies and talents are being funnelled into the various projects I dip into, and pet projects of any and all sizes are getting back-burnered at an ever increasing rate. Fuck. Today is already Thursday and I’m flying out Sunday. It just feels like time flies when I want to savor it and drags when I would prefer it blow by. I’m not having a bad time in general, I’m overall really content and I think I’ve found a good mix in life. I might work too much, but as much as work compensates me my efforts are also an investment in the company that employs me. I try to be effective so that the company can be effective. I respect the arrangement I have.

I just bought a mobile router today as well. I’m going to need it since I’ll be a road warrior again for a month or two. Business travel never gets any easier, it’s always a challenge. COVID has seriously impacted business travel satisfaction by eliminating the things I usually use to cope with business travel. I’ve always loved to just sit at a bar and dick around on my phone with a beer and a good meal. Anyways, I think I’ll leave this off here.