I never thought I would be saying this, but it turns out that 2021 is already becoming a bigger beast than 2020 already was. We kicked the new year off with the President of the United States encouraging a seditious attempt to prevent a fair election from being counted. It involved a few right wing talking heads as well, with Charlie Kirk organizing transport for as many as 80 buses full of QAnon-obsessed lunatics.

I’m still incredibly shocked at all of what transpired January 6th. I think we all are. I also think that slowly but surely Trump’s frenetic fanbase is dwindling, either out of regret for supporting such a monster or just out of necessity. But what Donald Trump has built is not a group of loyal Americans, rather he has shaped himself a cult around his outward personality. In a fashion similar to Khomenei and Kim Jong-Il, Trump has crafted a fervid following that drinks the koolaid every time. It’s pure insanity to watch. It gives me pause- I’m related to some of these monsters.

Trump followers should feel shame. It’s the end of the road, there’s no more MAGA. No more “Patriot Party”. This is game over. Trump will never hold public office again, and every single QAnon prediction will have been completely shattered and rend impotent. I’m still just in shock.