Well, shit. Christmas was simultaneously fun and horrifying. I love giving gifts. I love making people feel good. I just always feel incredibly awkward accepting gifts. Not sure why. Not to mention the fact that Christmas is a goddamn drama machine. Everyone and their mother feels as though the world is immediately collapsing upon having to see “Uncle Joe” one more goddamn time and “put up with his bullshit”. It is what it is. It’s over, that’s simply where we’re at. I also still have a solid week left of days where I’m not obliged to work. I’m wholly fucking exhausted. I’m exhausted beyond reason. I’ve ticked all the checkboxes of exhaustion. I’m physically exhausted, emotionally exhausted, and intellectually exhausted. It feels as though I can either collapse and sleep twenty-four whole hours or lapse into a coma, and the coma is imminent if I don’t take my Rip Van Winkle power nap.

Man, I dunno. I’m ready to retire, maybe.