People are going hard on the mRNA vaccine. This is a list of the bullshit I’ve seen from the anti-vaxx crowd so far:

  • “Messenger” RNA instructs cells to create virus parts
  • The mRNA is generated via genetic manipulation
  • It contains a microchip created by Bill Gates
  • It’s going to make you a leftist/liberal
  • It’s an excuse for the police state to codify “papers, please” in the US

Holy shit. Where to start. First of all, anti-vaxxers aren’t even fucking worth my time, they’re lower than low. They’re the intellectual gutter of humanity. First of all, yes the COVID vaccine is mRNA or “messenger” RNA based. Yes, it is a synthesized and isolated segment of RNA that instructs the cells to create only the protein binding sites necessary to generate an immune response. Is it drastically different from a traditional vaccine? Not as much as you’d think. If anything, it’s essentially an incredibly powerful refinement of existing science. The Coronavirus, attenuated or not, instructs your cells to assemble coronavirus parts. Typically the actual virus will instruct your cells to create fully-fledged coronavirii before undergoing apoptosis and releasing hundreds more in a cascade of immune failure. The attenuated virus would do the same, but poorly, typically not resulting in a full infection but the risk of a full infection does exist. The mRNA vaccine instructs your cells to ONLY generate the protein that binds to your cellular binding sites, before sacrificing the affected cell to release those proteins into your body and generate an immune response.

The mRNA vaccine is a marvel of modern science, and you fucking useless jackanapes are not worthy of such technology. So don’t get it. Leave the fucking country. Go the fuck away and quit tormenting society with your insulting lack of brainpower.