This asshole is so bent out of shape about his tweets being tagged as “disinformation” that he’s going to draw the ire of the Pentagon just to get his way on “Section 230”. What an absolute waste of skin. These fucktards completely destroyed Fairness Doctrine and basically greenlit the birth of the abomination known as “Fox News”. Now that they’re discovering that their ideals are not shared by the majority, they want to scale back on it and begin regulating private enterprise as a public carrier. Yes, getting rid of Section 230 is ADDING regulation, unnecessary regulation at that. Doing this to the internet would suddenly necessitate a large censorship force the size of the great firewall of China in order to ensure that no companies are suddenly liable for damages with the repeal of Section 230.

All this because a fat orange man-child can’t find it in himself to share measured and thoughtful information on social media, but instead is trying to erode confidence in election security and knowingly undermine the will of the people who voted his lame ass out. To Donald Trump I say, “Fuck you, moron. Your party created this mess and I hope no one entertains your moronic missives.”

I’m just so fucking tired of these people. Trump republicans make me ashamed to be American.