I think I need to get myself going on my hobbies again. Every time I have a moment outside of work to do something of substance I find myself vegetating over a TV show or some brainless youtube videos. In the past I would spend considerable amounts of this free time learning something new about computers or electronics. I haven’t done much of that since overhauling this blog to conform to Hugo. I did grab a Raspberry Pi 4 and set it up, but I did a very minimal job of it, and there’s really quite a bit left to go. I’m actually thinking about getting a second Pi 4 to continue on with, as the Pi 4 I’m on currently is acting as a print server. Kinda can’t live without a print server. I’d like to get a 8GB Pi 4 and a 4-6TB external drive and make myself a large storage server. A place to offload stuff to that’s not incredibly important, possibly isn’t backed up in the cloud. I dunno. We’ll see, I guess.

Also, I think I’m largely done with social media. It is a failed experiment. I’ve had no fewer than eight suspended twitter accounts, and facebook is just a warren of the damned. I’m good. No thanks. 😂