I just ran across Trumbo (2015) on Netflix and I have to say; It’s a pretty damn good film. It’s also strange to me how little things have changed since then. It’s insane to me that not only is McCarthyism emblazoned permanently in historical record, but the fact that we haven’t learned shit from it is duly noted. It’s really unfortunate.

Another damned good one is Don Verdean (2015). I think both of those films cover different aspects of confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance that still wreak havoc on society to this very day.

The American education system has tried in vain to create generations of people prepared for the real world and has in fact failed miserably. Instead we get Trump republicans. We fulfill the prophecies of Idiocracy. We circle the drain for another generation until we can fuck up even more. Man, that’s fucking irritating. And as much as that annoys me, it’s also incredibly beneficial to me that these idiots exist. They don’t compete with me for job security. They perpetuate their shitty lineages. They guarantee that anyone employed in automation has a future, because these dumbfucks can’t do anything right.

Alright, I guess that’s enough ranting for one day.