As I write this, Donald Trump is lobbing salvo after salvo of attacks against Democracy in the United States.

When people get out and vote in massive numbers, Republicans lose. Trump knows this, and he’s twisting this fact around to make it look like the 47% of racist assholes in the United States are actually a majority, when they clearly are not. Joe Biden pulled record numbers and managed to get black voters to turn out in record numbers. But this arrogant piece of shit constantly spews trash like this:

As a Michigan resident I can safely say that the city of Detroit saved us from the embarassment of being a republican majority state. Trump is trying really hard to completely eliminate black influence in the election, because it’s just one of a few efforts that triumphed against him.

But what he’s doing now is eroding confidence in what was a completely secure election that proved he is no longer wanted. Trump is launching lawsuit after lawsuit and is losing every single one of them. They’re all being thrown out, because they’re all baseless and the only thing he’s trying to do is whip up his cult following. That’s it.

It’s time to kick this piece of shit out of office. Early. He needs to be gone ASAP.